IGARSS 2020 Paper Review Categories

A:Data Analysis Methods (Optical, Multispectral,Hyperspectral, SAR)
 A.1:Electromagnetic Modelling
 A.2:SAR Interferometry: Along and Across
 A.3:Differential SAR Interferometry
 A.4:SAR Imaging Techniques
 A.6:Bistatic and digital beamforming SAR
 A.7:Tomography and 3D mapping
 A.8:Subsurface Sensing / Ground Penetrating Radar
 A.9:Feature Extraction and Reduction
 A.10:Image Segmentation
 A.11:Object Detection and Recognition
 A.12:Classification and Clustering
 A.13:Estimation and Regression
 A.14:Change Detection and Multi-Temporal Analysis
 A.15:Target Detection and Unmixing
 A.16:Image and Data Fusion
 A.17:Geographic Information Science
 C.1:Snow Cover
 C.2:Ice Sheets and Glaciers
 C.3:Sea Ice
D:Data Management and Education
 D.1:Data Management and Systems
 D.2:Remote Sensing Data and Policy Decisions
 D.3:Education and Remote Sensing
L:Land Applications
 L.1:Land Use Applications
 L.2:Land Cover Dynamics
 L.3:Forest and Vegetation: Application and Modelling
 L.4:Forest and Vegetation: Biomass and Carbon Cycle
 L.6:Urban and Built Environment
 L.7:Topography, Geology and Geomorphology
 L.8:Soils and Soil Moisture
 L.10:Inland Waters
M:Atmosphere Applications
 M.1:Precipitation and Clouds
 M.2:Numerical Weather Prediction and Data Assimilation
 M.3:Atmospheric Sounding
 M.4:Aerosols and Atmospheric Chemistry
 O.1:Ocean Biology (Color) and Water Quality
 O.2:Ocean Surface Winds and Currents
 O.3:Ocean Temperature and Salinity
 O.4:Coastal Zones
 O.5:Ocean Altimetry
S:Mission, Sensors and Calibration
 S.1:Satellite Missions
 S.2:Small Satellite Technology
 S.3:SAR Instrument and Calibration
 S.4:Scatterometer, Cloud and Rain Radar
 S.5:Microwave Radiometer Instruments and Calibration
 S.6:GNSS-R Sensors
 S.7:Lidar Sensors
 S.8:Passive Optical, Hyperspectral Sensors and Calibration
 S.9:UAV and Airborne Platforms
 S.10:Ground based Systems
 S.11:UAV Sensors
ST:Special Themes
 The following topics have been designated of special interest for IGARSS. Special session proposals for these topics are specifically encouraged.
 ST.1:Monitoring and Damage Assessment of Volcanoes and other Natural Disasters
 ST.2:Monitoring and Preservation of Natural Reserves
 ST.3:Coastal Environment, its Change and the Impact of Rising Sea Levels
 ST.4:The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
 ST.5:NewSpace in Remote Sensing
 ST.6:Artificial Intelligence in Remote Sensors
 ST.7:Remote Sensing Parameters and Models for Radiation Energy Budget