Student Paper Competition

Important Guidelines for SPC Presenters

Important Guidelines for SPC presenters
they are different from the new agile format adopted in IGARSS 2020

  1. SPC Session Format:
    • Each student has 20 minutes allocated.
    • Use 15-16 minutes to present your slides.
    • Leave 4-5 minutes for questions from the IEEE GRSS Symposium Award Committee.
    • Audience is not allowed to ask questions in the SPC sessions.
  2. The first author (i.e., the finalist student) is required to register and participate to the symposium, personally present the paper.
  3. Once the technical program is available on, you will see the scheduled slot for your presentation.

Competition Details

All IEEE student members are invited and encouraged to enter the IGARSS 2020 Student Paper Competition. Ten finalists will be selected by a committee to present their papers during a special session at the symposium in Hawaii.

To enter, you must submit the following documents online at the paper submission page by 15 January 2020.

Publish-ready 2-column, 4-page Proceedings Paper Publish-ready 2-column, 4-page Proceedings Paper This document will be judged for the SPC.
Proof of Student Status (scanned image) Proof of Student Status (scanned image) Image of your student ID or a letter from your University or school stating that you are a student currently enrolled in a degree program.
Advisor Letter Advisor Letter A signed letter from your advisor stating that you:
  • are a candidate for a degree and IEEE student member,
  • will personally present the paper if accepted,
  • has a higher contribution to the presented paper than 60% (if the contribution is less than 60%, the paper is not suitable for a student paper competition and can be submitted to the normal track),
  • will register and participate in the symposium, and
  • will attend the Awards Banquet;


Competition guidelines:

  1. The first/principal author must be a student.
  2. The student must be an IEEE member.
  3. Each student can only submit one paper for consideration in the contest.
  4. The student must be in a degree program at the time of submission of IGARSS 2020 paper.
  5. The student must attend IGARSS 2020 and present the paper.
  6. The student will publish the paper in the IGARSS 2020 Proceedings.
  7. All required documents must be uploaded through the online system by 15 January 2020.