Paper Submission

Important News

Paper Submission Deadline: 15 January 2020

Countdown To Exact Deadline

There will be no extension of the paper submission deadline, late or updated submissions beyond 15 January 2020 will not be accommodated.

Participation in IGARSS is open to all individuals interested in or working in the fields of geoscience and remote sensing. Papers received by the deadline will be considered for program placement under the standard peer review process. Late papers cannot be accepted due to the large number of submissions and short review schedule. The IEEE IGARSS 2020 Technical Program Committee will organize all accepted papers into either oral or interactive poster sessions based upon their potential contribution to the symposium and the composition of high-quality sessions.

The entire submission process and requirements are detailed in the Paper Kit.

Announcing a New, More Agile Format for Oral Sessions

The IGARSS 2020 team is excited to announce a new and more agile format for the Oral Sessions following numerous requests to increase discussion time and foster interactions. For IGARSS 2020, each Oral Session will be composed of 8 papers; a 20-minute, theme oriented introductory talk and 7 short oral presentations of 5 minutes each. Each 5-minute presentation will be associated with a poster presentation in the same room, and there will be 45 minutes at the end of the oral presentations to further discuss the short talks just presented. In cases when the Oral Sessions for the same topic cover more than one time block, the introductory talk will be presented only at the beginning of the first block, and the additional time in the second time block will be allocated to 4 additional 5-minute talks. The format for the interactive Poster Sessions will remain unchanged from the past IGARSS symposia.

Submission of Papers

  • Use the links to the right or below to submit a manuscript or to revise an existing submission.
  • All manuscripts must be written in English.
  • The minimum page limit for all manuscripts is two single sided pages. The maximum page limit is 4 pages. Use Times New Roman font, 11 or 12 point, 1.5 line spacing.
  • Manuscripts should state clearly and concisely the problem, methodology used and central conclusions, and may include figures and graphs.
  • Manuscripts must include a bibliography to help reviewers place the contributions of the work into context.
  • A maximum of two manuscripts may be submitted by each presenting author, including both general and invited sessions.
  • All IGARSS papers submitted for posting on IEEE Xplore will undergo publications quality review (which include plagiarism check) using CrossCheck. Papers with significant similarity with published works are subject to additional quality reviews.
  • Every author is responsible for checking the status of their submission by visiting the symposium website after 17 April 2020. Acceptance letters will be sent via email only, and the results posted on the website.

If you are submitting to an invited session, you will receive separate instructions for submitting your paper. Please do not submit invited papers through the regular submission process unless indicated to do so.